Oshwa - Chamomile Crush LP



"Chamomile Crush" marks the full-length debut for Chicago-based four-piece Oshwa. Following the self-release of numerous digital EPs, this album reveals a distinct maturation for the band. Within Chamomile Crush, Oshwa sheds any inclination towards categorization, successfully challenging the listener while presenting no shortage of engaging melodies. The indistinguishable ethereal voice of Alicia Walter is brilliantly complimented by fellow singer/guitarist Michael Mac, while the band presents unpredictable yet welcome instrumentation that exudes taste without excess.

Pressing Information:
100 - Fluorescent Pink
150 - White
250 - Randomly Split Colored

** One random pre-order customer will also receive a test pressing (only 10 made).



  • Fluorescent Pink (out of 100) (sold out)

  • White (out of 150)

  • Randomly Split Colored (out of 250)